My blogger friends told me that they made an old fashioned (we refer Kampung or Kampoeng for everything that is old fashioned) donuts at home with her kiddos which I think it’s a good activities to fill the holiday at home. To me, donuts is a timeless cake for everyone in the house. It’s easy to make, it’s yummy, and believe me, nothing will become a leftover, because everyone loves it.

The circle deep-fried bread were one of favorite. Add chocolate raisin, simply only with icing sugar, or grated cheese as a topping. No one will say no! Even DiahDidi has tried donuts with chocolate filling, or fruit jams in her kitchen and look at the result here. I am drolling!

My mom made one this kind of donuts too when I was small. The kitchen chaos during the making of was one of the sweetest childhood memories. Then, homemade donuts has been abandoned for quite sometimes after Dunkin’ Dougnut, J.Co and Crispy Kreme had invaded the market share. Lol!

The Donuts Addiction

So, what was all about when I said I am addicted to the old style donuts? Recently, I am. I’m not a fan of commercial donuts (that’s what I call the donuts from retail shop). I also try to avoid it, since the issue of retail donuts contains a lots of preservative, and of course it has very high caloric from the sugar. After then my eyes stuck on the tiny old style-homemade donuts, drenched in icing sugar, that is sold in the food stall in the market near by my house. Starting from that day, I am munching the same donuts every morning! Crazy! Not healthy? Of course! Many pros and cons about  donuts on the website, but to give you very clear idea: indeed, I gained weight! I am addicted to donuts. I enjoy the good feeling of biting the cake, and remembering how cute we (my brothers and I ) were punching the dough, shaped it up, fried and thrown them into the bowl of icing sugar, meanwhile mom was observing us.

Find this old fashioned donuts from The Joy of Baking or from Diah Didi for my Indonesian readers. Fell free and don’t feel gulity, but still don’t eat too much of them ;-D




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